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Abuse, misuse, diversion and illegal sale of prescription drugs are some of the largest threats facing the safety and welfare of the citizens of Kentucky.

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What is KASPER? The Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER) tracks controlled substance prescriptions dispensed within the state. A KASPER report shows all scheduled prescriptions for an individual over a specified time period, the prescriber and the dispenser. Enhanced KASPER (eKASPER) provides Web-based access to KASPER data.
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KASPER Info Sheet for APRNs


Who can obtain a KASPER report?

Access to KASPER reports is carefully controlled through identity and credential checks and secure Web access. KASPER reports are available only to the entities and health care professionals listed below:

  • Prescribers for medical treatment of a current or prospective patient,
  • Dispensers for pharmaceutical treatment for a patient,
  • Law enforcement officers for a bona fide drug-related investigation,
  • Licensure boards for an investigation of a licensee,
  • Medicaid for utilization review on a recipient,
  • A grand jury by subpoena, and
  • A judge or probation or parole officer administering a drug diversion or probation program.

How do I apply for a KASPER account?

July 18, 2012 - Unfortunately there was conflicting information between the DEA file and the file we received from the Kentucky Board of Nursing that was used to pre-load accounts.  You will need to follow the existing eKASPER account registration process at:


Once you have printed the hard copy application, call eKASPER administration at 502-564-2815 and ask for someone who can approve your eKASPER application.  If you are put into voicemail, please leave a message with the application number beside the bar code on the application form.  We should be able to activate your account online with no need for you to submit the hard copy documents.

When can I request a KASPER report?

Prescribers can only request reports on current or soon to be patients. A prescriber should not request reports on other people they know, just because they are curious. The prescriber is responsible for the activities of any they delegate to obtain reports for them.

The report also cannot be given to other health care providers outside the practice. For instance, if I know a patient has seen NP Jones down the street because she is noted as a prescriber on the report I requested, I cannot give NP Jones a copy of my report. I can suggest NP Jones request a report. However, if NP Smith practices with me in the same practice, I can share the report with her.

Who can I show a KASPER report with?

A practitioner, pharmacist, or employee who obtains KASPER data may share the report with the patient or person authorized to act on the patient's behalf and place the report in the patient's medical record, with that individual report then being deemed a medical record subject to disclosure on the same terms and conditions as an ordinary medical record

The cabinet shall promulgate administrative regulations to implement an error resolution process allowing a patient to whom a report had been disclosed to request the correction of inaccurate information contained in the system relating to that patient.



A Guide for Kentucky APRNs: Prescribing Controlled Substances

Statutes related to KASPER


Can I monitor prescriptions filled in other states?
Yes, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio have similar monitoring programs. Follow the links to apply for accounts in

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